The Word of God vs The power of God

For the power of the WORD OF GOD and the power of God Himself have transcended age and time and this power has transformed so many lives which I have come to know over the years. I am not, in any way, attempting to play down the importance of the WORK OF GOD, and so elevate the WORD OF GOD above it in this book. It will do a great disservice to the Christian community should I make such an attempt. In fact, through the WORK OF GOD many Christians have come to see the ministration and manifestation of the power of the WORD OF GOD. The WORK OF GOD done within the parameters of the church, just like the non-religious ones we do outside the church, has its fair share of problems. However difficult or not these problems might be, the WORK OF GOD must move on and be sustained. That strength and tenacity to sustain it will be drawn only from the WORD OF GOD. But should they converge at a place and time, what should the believer do? This is where the WORD OF GOD takes precedence over the WORK OF GOD. There is a story where the WORK OF GOD was the medium through which the WORD OF GOD was channeled. It occurred in a place no one ever suspected it would. But it did and brought glory and honor to God. You will find it inside the book

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