GLORIPUB was established to help new and upcoming Kingdom citizens bring their work out. We believe that every human being has at least one book in them that the world needs to read about and we encourage each person to bring forth that book.

We are a team of professionals who are focused on helping individuals achieve their goals and also making their presence felt online. We are not about just making money but about spreading the message that God has instilled in you. As a result, we dedicate our time and effort to make your work the best budget for you.


We like to build a lasting relationship with our clients and as a result, we tend to become one as a family with our clients. Having that connection is very important so we built packages that helps us achieve that aim. These include graphic design features,  branding and also marketing strategies. We also offer mentoring programs that aims at helping new authors and bloggers better themselves.

Concerned about finances, or even feel incompetent in your writing ability? Don’t let that stop you from being who God has purposed for you to be. Make the first move and leave everything else in God’s hands. We offer payment plans that will help accomplish your goal. Depending on your budget also, we can create a special

We also specialize in collaborative cloud solutions. With the advent of the COVID-19, we found the need to extend our seven years of expertise in this area to our clients as well as potential clients. We provide implementation plans and support for companies and nonprofits who will like to switch their team to either Google GSuite or MS Office 365 solution. Need a Chrome OS Admin? we are here for your business.