Revealing God

We live in a world with a variety of religious beliefs that differ in their doctrines, some slightly and others directly opposite. Yet each of them claims they are God’s representatives. Each claim to be that which God is speaking through to the world. What this has done, is create a world of religious chaos. A world where it is difficult for the ordinary man to seek and find God.From the days of Old, God had revealed Himself to man and had given instructions on how to relate to Him. These instructions were basis with which religion is formed. It became a vehicle through which God is reveal to the ordinary man. But with all these variations and opposing religious teachings all claiming to be from God, how can anyone reconcile that?All these opposing teachings cannot have possibly come from God. if that is true and it is, how can one know which of these teachings are from God? How can one determine how God is speaking to man today? Revealing God is a book that have put forth an argument with biblical proofs to reveal how God speaks to people today. It is insightfully thought provoking, it let the reader think deeply and it enhances the readers ability to make informed decision as to who God really is.