The Gospel of Matthew 5:13-16 gave me the thought and inspiration to write this book as a tool of encouragement and motivation for you to mark your path to make a great impact in life. But the reality is that many people, Christians included pass through the world without making any impact, which is contrary

Revealing God

We live in a world with a variety of religious beliefs that differ in their doctrines, some slightly and others directly opposite. Yet each of them claims they are God’s representatives. Each claim to be that which God is speaking through to the world. What this has done, is create a world of religious chaos.

The power of apology

Your life has been given to you to rule and reign in life by the word of your mouth, for nothing moves until you speak to it. And you have been empowered to change your life by the word of your confessions. Shun away the negativity and live a life of positive mindset. It is

The Art of Forgiveness

Imagine a world where people live harmoniously with one another. A world where there is no hatred, malice, or bitterness. Where a thought of someone will not alter your mood for the worse but enhances it for the better. A world where people live as people, in peace and tranquility; not because there is no

The Word of God vs The power of God

For the power of the WORD OF GOD and the power of God Himself have transcended age and time and this power has transformed so many lives which I have come to know over the years. I am not, in any way, attempting to play down the importance of the WORK OF GOD, and so

Work: Curse or blessing

Laziness has become the order of the day to a point where many people do not want to engage in any work, but they want to enjoy the benefit derived from hard work. Many people are looking to win the lottery so they can relax and do nothing because they feel that is the good

Quest for a better brain

In 2008 I listened to one Dr.Daniel Amen on PBS Television about his book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”. The talk was about the human brain and how age, life style and illness affects it. My husband and I purchased about six copies of this book and gave it to friends and family after