Quest for a better brain

In 2008 I listened to one Dr.Daniel Amen on PBS Television about his book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”. The talk was about the human brain and how age, life style and illness affects it. My husband and I purchased about six copies of this book and gave it to friends and family after we read the book and listened to the videos included. My Quest for a Better Brain began. I wrote to Dr Amen for an evaluation at his clinic but the Price was humongous. I was told Medicare Insurance was not acceptable. So I gave up the idea and waited for God’s time. I listened to his talk again in 2011 on PBS this time on another book ‘ USE YOUR BRAIN TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE “. This time I went to see my Private doctor who ordered an MRI of the head and consequently referred me to a neurologist when the result came out positive with a large unruptured brain aneurysm. This book came about as a result of post operative VISIONS. .Visions that required me to write a book about my illness and also to build a VILLAGE in my home town.